Ethiopia FH Care Group Curricula

Please note that these modules were developed based on the best technical guidance during the time that they were published. As the modules must be adapted based on location, language and culture, they also need to be reviewed for technical content and updated as appropriate.

If using these materials in your program, please acknowledge FH (using this logo), the authors, and appropriate USAID agency as noted in the acknowledgments of each document.

The following care group modules were developed by Food for the Hungry for care groups  of 10-12 women.  The materials are designed to teach household- level behaviors to prevent maternal and child malnutrition and death.   The materials are used to teach mothers in small groups once every two weeks for up to two years.   Games, activities and discussions noted in the flip chart are described in detail in the corresponding lesson plan.  Note:  All flip charts contain culturally appropriate illustrations for the specific country.  There are some variations in images from the English to Amharic documents as the illustrator updated images once the translation was completed. 

FH uses a pictorial lesson format to help low-literate volunteers teach adult learners.  Watch this interactive presentation to learn more.

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Module 1: Care Group Orientation and Essential Nutrition Action (ENAs). This module introduces the care group model, discusses nutrition for pregnant and lactating mothers, anemia prevention, and breastfeeding.

Module 2: ENAs: Complementary Foods and Micro-nutrients (6 Lessons): This module provides education about complementary feeding, good feeding practices, and how to use dish drying racks.  Additionally, participants will learn about vitamin A, nutrient rich foods and monitoring child growth.

Module 3: Essential Care for Mothers and Newborns: Pregnancy and Postpartum (6 Lessons): This module covers antenatal care, postpartum care for mother and newborn and a brief introduction to family planning.

  • (2013) Flipchart in Amharic Pub or PDF
  • (2012) Flipchart in English
  • (2012) Lesson Plan in English

Module 4: Essential Hygiene Actions (EHAs): Personal, Environmental Hygiene & Management of Diarrhea (6 Lessons): This module includes diarrhea prevention,  hand washing, creation of a Tippy-Tap (hand washing station), disposal of feces, de-worming, water purification, proper feeding of sick children, and proper food storage.