Agricultural Curriculum

Please note that these modules were developed based on the best technical guidance during the time that they were published. As the modules must be adapted based on location, language and culture, they also need to be reviewed for technical content and updated as appropriate.

Below are some additional resources which can be used in care groups.

Module 1: Soil Conservation (8 Lessons) This module covers simple practices farmers can follow to increase productivity.  The modules begins with soil structure and moves on to the following improved practices: planting on a contour; applying appropriate planting density; addition of hedgerows, cover crops and mulch for improved productivity, composting and inter cropping.  Note that the lesson plan was written in 2010 and was used without visual aids in Mozambique and DRC.  The flip chart for DRC was developed two years later and follows the lesson plan with some modifications. 

Module 2: Raising Goats: Housing, Care and Reproduction  This module covers the benefits of owning goats, guidelines for breeding and reproduction, care and feeding, treating and preventing basic illness and building of a goat shelter.  This module was developed for DRC.

  • (2010) Lesson Plan in English and French
  • (2012) Flip chart (Key Messages only) in English (Pub and PDF)
  • (2012) Flip chart in Swahili (Pub and PDF)

Crops: Developed for Mozambique this module covers practices for 10 crops in Mozambique to help farmers better understand their characteristics and care needed for improved growth.

  • (2010) Lesson Plan (draft) in English and (draft) Portuguese
  • (2010) Flipchart (draft) in English Lessons 1-3 (Pub and PDF), 4-10 (Pub and PDF)
  • (2010) Flipchart in Portuguese

* You may also be interested in Module 9: Kitchen Garden and Raising of Small Animals on the DRC page.